February 12, 2012

HHSM - Newsletter : Understanding Audit Activity

 HHSM - NEWSLETTER January 30, 2012 Understanding Audit Activity             The new year has brought stories regarding unprecedented levels of audit activity throughout various parts of the country, including regions not normally associated with utilization...

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January 02, 2012

Medicare may penalize hospitals that readmit too many patients...

Medicare may penalize hospitals that readmit too many patientsPublished 3 weeks ago Ranit Mishori for The Washington Post   Like this source It’s a return trip nobody wants to take: You are discharged from the hospital, only to find yourself readmitted  a few days later.  More and more people are finding th...

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November 12, 2011

Could you clarify CMS’ policy about the homebound status of home health patients who can drive?

The Benefit Policy Manual (Internet-Only Manual 100-02, Chapter 7, Section 30.1.1) explains in detail what it means to be homebound. While we have excerpted portions below, please see the manual for full details. "In order for a patient to be eligible to receive covered home health services under both Part A and Part B, the law requires that a phy...

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November 07, 2011

Thyroid cancer hits Filipinos hardest

Jamm Aquino / jaquino@staradvertiser.com A research team headed by surgical oncologist Dr. Shane Morita has found that the majority of Filipino thyroid cancer patients carry a genetic mutation that makes their disease worse than other ethnic groups. Morita performed a follow-up exam at the Queen's Medical Center's Cancer Center on Kanani Correa,...

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October 02, 2011

77 Surprising Health Benefits of Yoga

By Meredith Walker   Over the past several years, yoga has experienced an upsurge in popularity in the western world among medical professionals and celebrities alike. While many associate yoga with new age mysticism or the latest fad at the gym, yoga is actually an ancient practice that connects the mind, body, and spirit through ...

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